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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 24, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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jayna's dad says his thoughts turn to how much his daughter love this place. >> for me personally i felt like jayna was right there with me and i was comforted by that. >> reporter: the workers stretched out and welcomed the sun with a classic yoga exercise. jayna's dad just watched. >> how did you feel watching that? >> stiff. >> we are not the only ones hurting. the store is hurting. bethesda is hurting. her friends are hurting. and we want to be here to support them. >> i'm lindsey mastis in alexandria. 88-year-old woman out more than $1200. >> i don't have that kind of money. >> reporter: her daughter susan says her mom was taken advantage of. >> they looked at her chimney or her roof and there was no receipt, there was no estimate, there was no bill. >> reporter: she was told she owed them money. >> this is a domestic repair scam. >> reporter: detectiveses saying ive -- the detective
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said they can't make an arrest. >> it is difficult to present a case when you don't know who it was before a court. >> reporter: police say keep your doors closed to people you didn't invite. keep them out of your house and never allow anyone to do work on your home unsolicited. susan says her mom will probably never get that money back. >> i want people to realize that this type of thing is happening. >> reporter: i'm delia gonclaves at union station. metro says without the $150 million from congress your commute is likely to get slower and more frustrating. when you walk through stations that look more like construction zones and think it couldn't possibly get worse, think again. these 35-year-old tracks basically will not get repaired. what does that mean for you? essentially engineers will have to interrupt service even during rush hour to perform band-aid fixes and then, of course, the trains will have to move slower. expect to see a whole lot more
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of this. you have seen it before. passengers walking up and down these broken escalators. >> the old ones were not maintained properly. what you are seeing going on with the escalators is happening with the whole system. if we don't get that money we will slide backwards. according to aaa the average price down to $3.60. around our parts of the world we are still seeing an average of $3.68. analysts tell our friends as u.s.a. today they think the national average will drop below $3.40 over the the next couple of weeks. that is now that the united states has decided to release 30 million barrels of oil from the reserves. check out the evening rush. monika samtani with the time saver traffic. >> i still have got the yellow light. that's because cleanup continues of a truck incident
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that happened about 3:15 p.m. this afternoon on the eastbound side of massachusetts avenue right in this area at 15th street at the entrance for thomas circle. in that tunnel a truck got stuck. watch out for the cleanup and follow police direction to get around it. take you outside live right now. if you're heading over to the southbound side of i-95, 395 a couple of slow stretches down into triangle. duke street. things looking good on 395. now take you to the beltway on the west side of town. the good news is that the inner loop of the beltway has cleared out heading northbound towards 270. the outer loop looks good here at river road but still a little slow leaving the american legion bridge and heading down to route 7. i also have a commuter alert for you right now. if you're planning to head into the district police are in the midst of closing pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 14th streets and that is for this weekend's safeway barbecue battle. parts of 10th, 11th and 12th streets will be closed and the
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festivities will kick off tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. back to you, derek. >> thank you. topper and i will be out at the barbecue battle tomorrow. i know topper you're cutting the meat early in the day so how hot will it be for you? >> we are looking at a pretty nice deal. let's start with temperatures right now fantastic. 84 downtown but humidity is low. 83 in arlington. only 82 in rockville and 76 in fairfax. beach and boaters here we go. the boating forecast is great. waves will be 1 to 2 feet tomorrow. northwest winds 10 to 15. upper 70s to low to mid-80s. sunday pretty much the same deal although winds will turn south westerly. beaches maybe a few morning clouds. temperatures upper 70s, low 80s. on saturday. and sunday fantastic. sunshine. temperatures 78 to 83. water temps still 65. we will come back and let you know where the showers will be this weekend. there will be a few around. we are let you know if they will be in the immediate metro area. >> thank you, topper. servicemen and women will rally tomorrow at capitol hill trying to bring more attention
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to post-traumatic stress disorder. you probably already know. thousands are coming back from the wars and they have got emotional injuries. survivors. guilt. other problems. anita brikman is here with a combat hero who survived one of the worst fights only to find the war followed him. >> you were the leader of your platoon when you became involved in a three-hour firefight. what happened? >> i took my marines inside a house. 30 insurgents waiting to ambush us. just i think what sticks with me from that day is not the amount of -- we eliminated all the insurgents but losing fellow marines. >> so much death all around you that day? >> yes. >> what was it like when you got back home? >> i was completely different. i used to be conservative. going out, doing things and i became the complete opposite.
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spending money, acting very erratic just trying to stay on the razor's edge and keep my adrenalin going and my anger. >> so your life at home must have seemed like it was totally different? >> went from 100 miles an hour to 25 like that. >> it is hard. >> absolutely. >> so when did you realize you needed to get help? there was something really wrong? >> i think my father-in-law flew out to california and i picked him up from the airport and we went to put his luggage in the car and we couldn't get the bags in and there was so much alcohol and bottles. he said do you think have you a problem? that's when i realized i'm in denial trying to hide this from everybody and the time is now. >> that's something to point out again. so many people have the substance abuse that goes along with trying to cope with ptsd. >> self-medication. just snowballing out of control from there. >> it is important to point out you were awarded the navy cross. highest accommodation for valor. that has got to carry weight.
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now that you talk about this to others who are suffering don't that give you some credit to say, hey, you've got to stop denying and start getting help? >> yes. to me it is a license to talk. to remember those that we have lost. but i think it does bring credibility because ptsd doesn't discriminate against valor awards, race, nothing. it can affect anybody. >> right. >> it is alive and well and people need to know how to combat it. >> thank you so much for joining us and for what you have done for our country. >> you're very welcome. thank you. >> talk about the rally tomorrow again. that is the rally at the u.s. senate. i believe there should be some information there. that's right. the honor for all rally will be tomorrow at 10 a.m. in upper senate park on constitution avenue next to the russell senate building. >> all right, derek, back to you. >> thank you so much for that, anita. >> still to come living life on your terms for just a little longer. we will introduce to you a charity making a big difference in the quality of life for some
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local seniors. but first, a mountain of paper had one high school student convinced she could get into college anywhere she wanted. not quite. we will tell you why. up next.
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applying for colleges can be stressful, exciting even a
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bit overwhelming. if you have ever gone through the process you know you can get inundated with all those brochures from all the different schools especially after you take those sats. a sophomore in high school when the colleges started courting her. she thought duke and columbia were locks based on the amount of material she was getting from them. but after spending $900 on their applications... >> i got rejected and it was such a shock. >> yeah. well columbia says it only reaches out to students who would likely be competitive for admission. duke says it sends materials to about 30,000 30,000 prospective students but typically only accepts 1300. a record amount of marketing is boosting the number of applications to their own record but that also means more rejections. in the end nicole decided to head right on over to the university of maryland. what do you think getting brochures doesn't mean you'll get into the college just like getting an ad to join a dating service doesn't guarantee you'll get a date. still, is it fair for institutions to bump up their
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numbers at the and then of student expectations? share your thoughts at mcginty's mail bag. topper is back with a look at a pleasant weekend forecast. but first, a bit of a kiddie party for jim riggleman. what he has got to say about his night out on the town. that's up next. ♪
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by.... if you can't, we can. back now with the green alert aimed at restoring some of the nation's waterways. the stars on this map represent areas that are part of the urban waters initiative. a program that will help l.a., denver, norse, dc and new york to help fight pollution from runoff. it will target anacostia and another river. nationals manager jim riggleman is the talk of the town but tonight his night on the town seems to be all the talk on twitter. jim riggleman resigned yesterday after giving the team an ultimatum yesterday morning basically pick up my option or at least talk about it while i'm gone. when the gm declined jim riggleman made good on the threat and walked apparently straight to a bethesda bar where he had drinks, posed with photos with other patrons and explained himself this morning on 106.7 the fan. >> i was solving the world's problems last night in the pub. i had to let those girls get a
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look at me. there are some beautiful young ladies in that place. >> there certainly are. >> what were you drinking, jim? >> i was having an adult beverage. that's all. i had my limit of two. >> nothing wrong with an occasional adult beverage. he did not say what his next step might be but for now the nats are being led by bench coach john mcclaren. when you get just a little older sometimes the difference between living on your own and having to give up that independence is just a few hours per week. and tonight's friday's heros an organization that gives the gift of living life on your own terms for just a little longer. >> i have a client now that thinks i'm her daughter. >> it is a bond forged in service and love. >> i love taking care of people. i love sharing. i love giving. >> reporter: judith loves her job as a certified home care aide here at home care partners
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in northwest. >> we provide home care aid service throughout the metropolitan area to older people and individuals with disabilities. and our goal is to help them stay in their homes. >> reporter: and sometimes all it takes is a few hours a week anywhere from 1 to 3 visits. >> two hours could be enough to prepare a meal. it could be enough to do the housekeeping or the laundry. those are the types of things that sometimes are so difficult that it forces a person to leave their home. >> reporter: home care partners is more than a half century old but their training totally up- to-date. in fact, right in here they are learning how to get their healing touch on. >> does that feel good? soothing? >> it felt good to me because that was my first time experiencing the healing touch. >> the need is tremendous. it is growing all the time. the problem is that people can't always afford to pay for those type of services. >> reporter: so with funding from local governments, home
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care partners provide services at very little cost to around 1000 clients each year. >> you have to love this to do it. it is very hard. >> reporter: but if you do love it -- >> the work is not difficult at all. >> when you help people and you know that you're helping them it makes you feel good to know that you're making a difference in somebody's life. >> home care partners depends on donations from private companies as well. the gannett foundation gave a grand to support home care services. run runner in last months' run were raising money for cancer. this four legged finisher crashed the party. dozer is his name and his owners say the 3-year-old dog got out of the yard and somehow made its way to the race. other runners say they saw him several times along the course right after mile 5 and he crossed the finish line after
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2:14. and now he has got a medal of his own. they raised nearly $14,000 so far in the name of old dozer who likes to compete apparently. >> nice dog. >> let's talk about the weather for tomorrow where you and i will be hanging out. >> we will be hanging out between 9th and 14th street. pennsylvania avenue and it will be fantastic. >> i was there last year. you're right. plus the barbecue. >> restaurant and barbecue groups coming to participate and compete. $40,000 first prize. boys & girls clubs in the dc area benefit from this. wow, 81 in leesburg. 84 downtown. and only 86 down to the south. fredericksburg. a pretty good deal for this time of year and this time of day.
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a wonderful weekend. cooler tonight. a few mountain showers will continue tonight and tomorrow. super saturday though. and still nice on sunday. for tonight, we will stay clear to partly cloudy. breezy and cooler. open the windows. lows in the 60s. even downtown upper 60s. winds west-northwest at 10 to 15. lows generally in the upper 60s. 67 in gaithersburg. 69 downtown. 67 in bowie. 69 at waldorf. look at this. 65 in leesburg and 65 in manassas. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and beautiful. grab your sunglasses. 60s and 70s to start. partly cloudy and breezy and warm by afternoon. less humid. high temps around 85. nice refreshing northwest wind at 10 to 15. pretty good deal. let's break it down for you. 60s to start with sunshine. 76 to 81 by lunchtime and 82 to 86 by evening. just a great, great day. all right. the barbecue. 85 tomorrow. the hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on saturday and then on sunday
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11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 87 degrees. few clouds come in late but not a thing to worry about. want more information on what is there and how to get there go to our website. and click on our blog. next three days. fantastic on sunday. and then look at this. back up to 90 on monday with a few showers. maybe a thunderstorm. humidity will creep back in here's specially next week. mid-90s on tuesday. with afternoon storms. then right around 90 wednesday. maybe a sprinkle in the morning. thursday shower in the afternoon. then next friday. temperatures still around 90. we will focus on saturday and sunday. >> we shall do that and we will focus on more news after this. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight jim riggleman the now former nats manager quit abruptly yesterday upset over his one-year contract which had yet to be extended. john from chantilly, virginia, says jim had a good reason to
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be angry. sports columnists were writing months ago about his precarious situation. the nats were not even ready to talk about it. jim riggleman read the writing on the wall, kept his word and walked. good for him. he can walk proudly with his head held high. i too see it as a matter of his pride, john, to paraphrase jim riggleman surely i deserve a little better than this. and then there was this on the case of that southwest pilot who his way too personal comments were caught on an open microphone and therefore heard by air traffic controllers and other planes out there as well. yesterday i asked if all the outrage was a bit of an overreaction since all of us make comments in private to a friend that would be embarrassing if everybody knew about them. over on the wusa9 facebook page one person says he deserves worse than he got. he should be fired.
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he tied up air time other pilots were to use and he is too stupid to make sure his bitter, nasty comments were private. a dangerous and arrogant jerk. most of you were a lot more forgiving than that. like debra anderson he was talking to a friend about his personal stuff. he wasn't cursing out customers. the plane didn't crash. why all the publicity and hate? should he been embarrassed? yes. should he been fired. no. for all of you who think you should you better be careful what you say at work. deb put it like this. everyone needs to lighten up and stop being so wimpy. i have made horrible jokes among friends but i was joking. we all do this. straight, gay, black, white. we are a country tip toeing around on egg shells these days. fortunately you do not have to tip toe around when you write mcginty's mail bag. i want to know what you really think at topper what do you think about the next seven days, sir? >> i'm not going to tip toe the
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next seven days. i will do three days. 85. 87, 90. we may be in the mid-90s by next tuesday but we will focus on the weekend. >> we will do the up and down rollercoaster summertime dc thing. >> of course. >> that's what i'm talking about. that's our report. i will be right back here tonight at 11 p.m. with anita brikman. log on anytime to we have a great night. we will too. see you a little later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> did george blindside elisabetta? new photos and new details on the breakup. the reports say that clooney did the dumping and that elisabetta stormed out. >> and jennifer aniston with her new man in new york and sitting down with us. >> very happy, very lucky. >> and, we have the latest news on the death of actor peter falk. >> a star mom's stunning facelift without surgery. >> i'm going to look ten year younger. the before and after of hollywood's hottest new procedure. >> a plump pop star controversy. why this big british diva is bearing all. >> i literally doubled my body weight. >> and new video of michael jackson's kids, what they are doing now, as we look back at the king of pop's tragic death, two years ago tomorrow.


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